Retirement villages Services

Clinic Services

  • ​Post hospitalisation – intermittent assistance for 3 days per annum at no charge
  • A clinic facility available
  • A professional nurse available between 8am and 10h00am, Monday to Friday (on standby after hours). The hours will be reviewed after the Estate has a minimum of 20 full time residents.
  • Annual medical assessments to update history and care,
  • Administering of injections (residents own stock)
  • If used from the clinic stock then it will be charged for at cost plus 10%
  • Urine tests
  • Blood glucose test
  • Oxygen checks
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Nebulisations as ordered by Doctor and/or the Sister

Vital parameter monitoring

(Blood pressure, pulse and respiration)

  • Eye maintenance care (e.g. inserting of eye drops).
  • Ear assessments and referrals for further management

Wound care

  • Small minor cuts and abrasions
  • Bigger dressings (own stock as prescribed by your Doctor)
  • Removal of stitches and clips (Sterile dressing pack will be charged for in this situation)

Elementary system

  • Fleet enemas (stock used to be charged)
  • Insertion of suppositories


  • Evaluation and the correct use of medication,
  • Minimum primary health care services and the referral to the correct facilities,
  • General medical assessment,
  • Nutritional assessment and monitoring / guiding
  • Personal hygiene
  • Risk and safety evaluation / physical and environmental,
  • Assess the mental and social well-being of residents / refer where needed,
  • Home care available at the applicable rate

Home visits by Carers and Sister

  • Those who are not feeling well enough to make it to the clinic, can call the Sister
  • Health assessment every 6 – 12 months

Frail Care

Frailcare – to the Aged

  • Can accommodate those requiring frail care, as well as post hospital recuperation.
  • Temporary stay available
  • Respite assistance when the families need a break or are going on holiday
  • We can nurse patients with tracheostomies and all different feeding methods.
  • Palliative care
  • End of life care

Our frail care facilities are situated in the outer west areas of Durban, including Hillcrest, Kloof, Everton, Gillitts Assegay, Bothas Hill and Waterfall Durban

Frail care Hillcrest

Assisted and Home Nursing

– Some people just love their own homes

If it is too much of a process to get them to move from their homes, then we can bridge the gap of those in need of care, in their own home.

We provide professional, individual and flexible support and care throughout the course of illness to recovery.

Contact us today to find out about our frail care facilities in the Upper Highway Area, including Hillcrest, Kloof, Gillitts and Shongweni which all situated in the Western Suburbs of Durban. 


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