Our Mission

To be the market leaders in support, care and assistance to the Aged, and their families, in a dignified and respectful way, free of abuse, neglect and prejudice, and to keep patients out of hospitals as much as possible, but not to keep them away if necessary.

Our Goals:

  • Deliver quality assistance and nursing care to those that are no longer able to care for themselves fully / to assist others to ensure activities of daily living are being met,
  • To promote awareness of aged care and the different dementia’s, e.g Alzheimer which is one of the dementia’s, within the community,
  • To support and educate families regarding dementia in the aged person and the different types of dementia’s, and all other illnesses e.g. Multiple Sclerosis/Parkinson’s etc.,
  • To maintain an exceptional support staff team by continuous in service training
  • To encourage the elderly to live as independent members of the community in their own homes for as long as possible and give them the assistance needed through providing Carers/Enrolled Nursing Assistants and Enrolled Nurses.
  • To work with local General Practitioners and General Physicians to ensure the comfort of the patient as well as liaising with specialists if and when necessary.
  • To assist patients who require palliative care as well as end of life care, and through that also assist the families to cope with this.


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