Private Nursing

Some people just love their own homes

If it is too much of a process to get them to move from their homes, then we can bridge the gap of those in need of care, in their own home.

We provide professional, individual and flexible support and care throughout the course of illness to recovery.

We also provide chronic, palliative and end of life care.

We Offer

  • Carers (this is very important. You will get the best qualified nurse for the situation)
  • Professional evaluation of home care needs by the Nursing Sister herself.
  • Assistance with equipment / or referral to hiring places
  • Medication supervision by a Sister
  • Pain control and other symptom management by a Sister, but in conjunction with the Doctor
  • Health education – by the team
  • Post hospital care – Nursing care plan by Sister for Nurse to execute, arrange assisted allied personnel e.g. physio, speech therapy etc.
  • To assist with the rehab
  • Basic wound care, otherwise referral to specialized wound specialists,
  • Sister is on call all the time, so that the nurses and staff have the support at all times to ensure best nursing practice,
  • Family members are counselled and reassured all the time. This is a very important part of home care.


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