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Background on Frail Care for Alzheimer Home Care

An Alzheimer home is a home that has been designed for the elderly and aging people who need 24-hour care and assistance due to the changes in their cognitive abilities. The home is usually situated in a secure and quieter area. The home should be well furnished, with suitable beds, bedding, furniture and fittings to add to the comfort and ambience of the home and should be a place that is conducive for elderly people.

The essence of the Alzheimer home is to provide accommodation strictly for elderly people who require constant care and attention, where their dignity and respect is intact at all times. Alzheimer and other dementia patients, or residents, need to be nursed separately since it can be either very scary or an agitative disease to the normal aged person. They need to be in facilities where they are protected from wandering off and are not at risk of being allowed to leave the home by someone who is not aware of their condition. The dementia patient often gets anxious but cannot verbalise how they feel.

The managed health care currently has very limited assistance for these people, and often the families of these patients are unable to care for them. Some of the patients also live alone and it is not always practical or safe for them to be alone or when living alone poses serious health risks to the patient.

Everybody eventually faces the reality of getting old and possibly infirm, and many now also suffer from varying degrees of failing cognitive ability. The main overall vision of the home is to give excellent care to these older people with Alzheimer’s and to make them feel as comfortable as possible despite their mental state. They will always be people.

We provide a home that can adapt to the various changes that will take place in the Alzheimer patient over time. This includes daily activities, washing, grooming, changes in behavior, and eventually assistance with walking toileting and other activities and the trained personnel who have a deeper understanding and patience.

We provide a home to all patients, irrespective of their religious affiliations, their race and health condition. We are passionate in ensuring that the aging and Alzheimer population are well taken care of. We are certain that our values will help us drive the business to enviable heights and thus help our facility to remain the sought-out Alzheimer home in the upper highway area.

On admission to the home, the staff tries to understand as much as possible about the resident regarding:

  • Cognitive health.
  • Physical health.
  • Physical functioning.
  • Sensory abilities, such as vision and hearing.
  • Communication abilities.
  • Decision-making skills.
  • Personal background.
  • Spiritual needs.
  • Cultural and personal preferences
Our frail care facilities are situated in the Hillcrest, Kloof Shongweni, area formerly known as the pper Highway Area. 


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