Who are we?

M Warnes Incorporated t/a Hillcrest Health & Aged Care Services is a PTY Ltd and is managed and run by Sister Marjorie Warnes who is a registered Nurse with SANC – which is a statutory body. She is also a registered member as a private practitioner (8838909) and is registered as M Warnes Incorporated with the Board of Healthcare Funders (Pr. 0715018).

We can therefore work in direct contact with your medical aids. However, you will remain responsible for the payment of your account, but we can assist with authorization from your medical aid, which may assist you in getting some funds back from your medical aid. Some medical aids also assist with part payment for residents in assisted living or Frailcare accommodation.

Qualifications and Clerical Skills

Sr Warnes studied general nursing at Somerset Hospital in Cape Town and completed her training at Nico Malan College in Athlone.

She also completed her mid-wife qualification at Somerset Hospital, in addition to working in ICU at both Somerset and Groote Schuur Hospitals, respectively during the ICU course. This has given her a wide range of clinical skills needed with nursing.

Occupational Health

She completed OCH at the University of Stellenbosch and worked in different occupational situations for many years.


She spent a period of time at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Australia, where she worked in the Cardiac High Care Unit.

Since 2008, we have made it our purpose to understand the unique needs of older people. We understand their need and desire for dignity, independence and belonging, as well as their need for physical and mental wellbeing. We strive to offer our patients longevity and quality of life.

Our Commitment – to the Elderly and the sick patient

We are all generally getting older, and we are worrying more about what that means. What we want is to live in our own homes, with a persisting level of personal comfort. We want to maintain our independence, if possible forever.

Fortunately, there are some who accept the reality of their situation – who, after years of declining physical health and increasing pain, discover what it means to receive 24-hour specialized nursing care and regular medical support. Some find that their everyday aches and pains somehow feel better and the range of food options has increased from jam sandwiches and tea twice a day, with an increased boost in energy due to normal nutrition.

There are patients with severe dementia whose families have struggled for years to accommodate them at home.  These families have now seen the benefit of having their loved one cared for without the guilt and struggle of caring for them themselves.

For my patients, I aim to offer them the opportunity of the best possible quality of life they can get at any time. For myself, regardless of how old I manage to get, I intend to live as much as possible.

We provide home nursing, simple wound care, palliative care and end of life care. Our nurses or carer’s are provided, according to the acuity of the patient, and the needs of the family. Our registered Sister personally oversees all the home nursing.

We don’t deliver a nurse or carer and then just leave. A daily assessment is done, sometimes more, dependent on the patient to ensure that good clinical objective care is given at all times.

Our frail care facilities are situated in the outer west areas of Durban, including Hillcrest, Kloof, Everton, Gillitts Assegay, Bothas Hill and Waterfall Durban


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